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,zvdesperate pirates have his3 life in their hands. at( situation that could only end badlyçó until the navy smis arrived.lpw3 tonight in a écial "dateline" -- >> i was afraid for the entire time. >> rarely seen the stand-off. the hour by hour details of the s7 captain's battle of wits with somali pirates.xd >> i told them, you're never going to makeq it out of here. they're never going to pay yourq ransom. we're all going to buy on this Ñi boat. >> and you'll hear from the president himselft( aboutçó decision that's broughtt( rich philips home alive. trying to coordinate all u.s. power to figure outÑi how to free him. >> good to bexd back on the ship. >> to many, he is aok national hero. yet to some he is the captain who recklessly sailed into harm's way.lpw3 when hisg captain's duty was published last year, i sat downui him at the intrepid sea air and space museum in new york. >> if someone described your style in terms of being a son of a [ bleep xé >> i'm tough. i don't know Ñiso. i'm tough. >> tough but when he can be, a homebody. he and his wife andrea live abou
was fresh out of the navy. i had done seven years in the navy. i was working for a fortune 500 company in the suburbs. there's a knock on my door and it is the police. a white woman had been sexually assaulted by a black male. i am the only one in this high rent complex. i am also in the army reserves. on top of that, i am a college they knock -- i am a psychologist didn't. then knock on my door and i think, it cannot be me. they said to give them my clothes. take it. i can help you in any way i can. not a problem. they came back and said, come down, we want to talk with you. i said, no problem. i went down there and they took my photo i.d. from my job and said that the woman identified your photograph. i am the only one in the photographs line up with a necktie on. i am the only one who could afford to stay there where i work. to make a long story short, i found myself indicted in front of a jury that convicted me with no evidence and i was just shocked. my mother hired an appellate attorney. he was telling me all the time that i was in cousin, "you have to be patient, be patient, be
and the mexican navy will extend the search. what they found was a lot of debris in the water and the mexican navy confirmed their raft, and did come from the capsized boat >> some of the survivors will be back in the bay area where in >> the man that organized the trip is name is don holy he is still lost at sea. once he returns we will try and get an interview with kempethem. this is video they posted on the men are good friends and went on many of fishing expeditions before to kroger always came out of nowhere and it only took minutes until the boat went down. he never saw don lee after the boat capsized his family is still holding out hope the mexican navy and the u.s. coastguard are still continuing and there search the makeover down 200 ft. to the boat perhaps at the men are still trapped at sea. >> you said a few days ago that if the search was suspended the family was going to take action to let her begin their own investigation. >> they have surged over a thousand square miles they know the search cannot go on forever they will hire a private company to go out and search t
bill. each relates to the navy's proposal to home port a nuclear weapon aircraft carrier by 2019. one would eliminate funding for nearly $15 million of a military project, a four-lane divided highway. the navy describes this as a first in a series of what will be increasingly expensive projects required to enable the navy to create a second home port for aircraft carriers on the east coast. the second amendment would eliminate approximately $15 million for architectural planning and design services for a number of follow-on military construction projects at mayport tide, again to carrier home porting. mr. president, this is a sphreupry slope. the -- slippery slope. the navy says it will cost more than $500 million in onetime costs to home port a nuclear-powered aircraft calfier in mayport. other recurring costs would push the expense much higher. in fact, there are estimates that this cost could achieve more than $1 billion by the end of this decade. the reason for filing this amendment is straightforward. we owe it to the american taxpayers. and we also owe it to the integrity of our
that the navy would have made one aircrafta carriers available, but instead it was uss keer sarge that responded, flying to mission as day over the early part of the vision and formed a fairly potent strike force. what were some of the lessons learned in that operation and what does it tell us about how we should be using these big amphibious ships in the future? >> i think it is a testimony to the big deck amphibians. right now we have 11. navy has 11 cbn aircraft carriers, so our nation at large has 22 large deck what i call capital ships. >> power projection ships? >> power projection ships. ships that can influence the action. so we have 11 -- excuse me, 22 now and each one of them have fixed wing airplanes on them and i think the key lesson for everybody is the value of having 11 -- excuse me 22 versus 11, should we go down the road somewhere and we end up losing our stonewall capabilities, then our nations instead of having 22 ships where you can fly fixed wings, you only have 11 and our capability will be half so i think that's a powerful lesson. >> that's something we'll discuss in the n
display at navy pier >> who says that you need to have fireworks on the third of july nobody thinking of that today only about the anticipation of the july 4th fireworks on at navy pier brewing all day long, is exciting >> it is, i am looking forward to fireworks the big explosive ones that go high in the air >> have you ever been to navy pier before for that? >> yes >> you have good seats all right let's look at these guys people are taking pictures of me is very weird do not run away you come here all of the time? >> first time on the navy pier for the fireworks on the fourth of july >> did you go to the bonds on july 3rd before? >> just drove it today >> have a good time? have you been out here all day long? >> all day long have been a great time >> look at their territory right there that is their territory and cupcake, you guys came in from rockport? >> yes we try to get off camera >> sorry we got you, excited about the fireworks? >> they do not have them anywhere, we are looking for to them for awhile >> in july and to thank you happy july 4th to you this is the ea
are out on a deep sea fishing expedition, but the mexican navy is looking for several men missing after that boat capsized and sank. 43 people were on board that 115-foot charter. 27 passengers and 16 crew members. most of the passengers are from northern california. one of them is confirmed dead tonight. seven others still missing. the boat sank in the sea of cortez south of the town of san felipe. sharon chin talked to a number of men on board and will tell you about four bay area brothers who go on this trip every year. helping the mexican navy tonight. joe. >> most of these guys are from the bay area. they drove down to mexico, got on a boat for what was supposed to be their annual fourth of july fun and adventure, but instead it turned into an international rescue effort as well as a harrowing story of survival. >> their skin is scorched. their body is exhausted. these photos from mexican tv showed the survivors. they just spent more than 15 hours on the water, clinging to life vests and even coolers. most, but not all, made it back to land. the mexican navy requested help from u
. the coastguard and mexican navy will extend the search beyond the usual 96 hour window. members of the coastguard search for of the six hours' debate in nazi-130 cargo plane. they were searching for any signs of the missing seven. -- the coast guard searched for six hours yesterday in that sea-130 cargo plane. they did find a brief in the water. there was also a raft found on that was confirmed from the boat. they have surged 1,400 mi. of ocean and land. the two men who survived the capsulized to both accidents are expected to return to the bay area this morning. >> will tran is live with more. >> the owner of the yellow jeep left with two men on the trip, but he is the only one heading back. here is to video that family posted on youtube showing their previous fishing expedition. the organizer don lee has organized this for about a year. his niece told the senate are holding out hope. it has been a difficult week -- his niece told me that they are holding out hope. it has been a difficult week. the u.s. military, coast guard and mexican navy, who knows when they will call off their search, the
neighbor. at the time of the murder, danial williams was 25 and a machinist's mate in the navy. he had been married for just 11 days. he and his wife nicole had thought they were expecting a child when they found out, to their dismay, that she was suffering from ovarian cancer. his parents were visiting them from michigan. >> my parents and nicole had gone to dinner, expecting me to join them shortly. >> narrator: williams left the apartment and drove himself to the police station. >> i expected to just answer some questions-- why was i the one to call 911 and not her husband? it was a half hour to 45 minutes into the questioning is when they started accusing me of raping and killing michelle bosko. >> narrator: they wanted him to take a polygraph test. he agreed. >> they told me that i had failed the polygraph test, and that i needed to start telling the truth about what i did. >> narrator: in fact, danial passed the test. >> but the police didn't tell him that he passed the test; the police told him that he failed the lie detector test. and that really began an intense interrogation of da
navy? it fits in her pants. >> so true. >> happy hammock day. >> do you prefer rope or mesh? >> i prefer the venezuela ham mob that uses a thin layer of sand fly netting that prevents other insects from biting. >> handwoven? >> venezuela hammocks are handwoven by women. the or the is passed on from generation to generation. >> spreader bar or brazilian? >> are we talking about hammocks? >> no. >> we're done here. >> goodbye. >>> let's welcome our guests. she is so smoldering that campers often mistakenly throw buckets of water on her. that's against the law, by the way. i am here with leeann tweeden who is with "poker after dark" which always sounds dirty, but it is card playing and such. and he is colder than a polar bear eating an ice cream. but enough about my friend. it is ryan reiss. and he is coming out with his own line of sorrow. my repulsive sidekick, bill shultz. and the only regan he admires was the one from "the exer cyst." and next to me is rider john devore. and his ideas are insane our "new york times" correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> check out the guest op
-loon-ey) of oakland and 28-year old corey walker, junior of san leandro. today, divers from the united states navy could join the search for seven northern california fishermen that are still missing... the divers are planning to check the boat that went down last sunday morning off the east coast of mexico's baja peninsula. the sunken fishing boat "erik" has been found in about 200 feet of water. the divers are expected to check it for signs of the missing fishermen. meanwhile, the u-s coast guard is scheduled to continue searching at least through tomorrow, and longer if asked. another step toward completion of the new bay bridge. today the chinese company manufacturing sections of the viaduct is loading the final four sections onto a ship in shanghai. the four modules weigh a combined 53 hundred tons. they will make a 22 day trip across the pacific ocean before being joined with the 24 sections already in place. the new eastern span opens in 20-13. time is 6: traffic and weather now. lawrence... the time is 6: atlantis, we could have a problem. the danger in space, putting the shuttle crew on a
from the bay area out on a deep sea fishing expedition and tonight the mexican navy is still looking for several men still missing after that boat capsized. 43 people were on board the 115- foot charter. 27 passengers, 16 crew members. most of the passengers are from northern california. one of them is confirmed dead. seven others are still missing. that boat sank in the sea of cortez south of the town of san felipe. sharon chin talked to the wives of a number of the men on board and four brothers go on this trip every year. joe vazquez is in san diego that is helping the navy. >> this is supposed to be fun, the annual fishing expedition down to mexico. instead it turned into an international rescue effort. the coast guard helicopter arrived back here at the base at san diego. earlier today, the max can government talked about calling off the rescue and shift ting to a recovery mission. now they are back to calling it a rescue effort after a long time with american officials as they believe there's a chance the missing may still be alive. their skin is scorched, their bodies exhaust
of the gulf of mexico. it was another day of searching by american coast guard and the mexican navy. they have covered 5,000 square miles. the pain for the survivors and the families of the men still missing. >> reporter: in the early morning hours last sunday a charter fishing boat cap sized. 40 people on the boat including fishermen from the bay area spoke of swimming for hours until day light. >> i was in the water 16 hours, and i was okay, so given this is the third day there still may be some hope. >> reporter: many clunk to ice chest as they swam two miles away. >> iest i was in the water between 9 and 10 hours. i saw these huge waves. some men accused the fishing boat crew of criminal negligence. >> the captain was a jack as. he had no idea what the heck he was doing out there. >> i tried to get on top, right when i get up on top i look and there is the whole crew with brand new life jackets on, and none of the passengers had anything. >> reporter: the coast guard sent rescue crews to work with the mexican navy. so far they have combed a thousand miles of the sea of cortez looking for 7
navy is not kim kardashian, she is a look-alike of featured in an old navy commercial. kim kardashian is suing old navy saying that they're trying to make money off of her, he when it is not really hurt. hot to add insult to injury, the girl on the right is dating kim's x reggie bush. >> a popular television doctor had a problem with pain pills. here to gain or from gray's anatomy has checked himself into rehab. stanley roberts is joining us with this morning's edition of >> people behaving badly> this woman is putting out her cigarette on the sidewalk. hockey is actually not the sidewalk, it is the extension, it is the park plant. there are eight separate parklets. this one is sponsored by audi. smoking is not permitted in any of the parklets around the city. this one appears to be a smoker's paradise. to make matters worse, when they are done, they put their cigarette butts in a planter. panhandlers has also taken up shop around the parklets. this panhandler has decided to stand perfectly still, hoping someone will give them money. it is not working. some skateboarders have begun
. the philippine government plans to allow the group to plan to carry out the visit. >>> the u.s. navy has allowed vietnamese guests to tour one of the aegis equipped destroyers participating in the two countries' joint maritime exercise. that's the maritime rescue exercise. vietnam and other southeast asian nations are locked in territorial disputes with china over islands in the south china sea. the u.s. and vietnamese navies have been conducting the drills since last friday. on tuesday, vietnamese guests were invited aboard the "uss preble." they were guided through the pilot house, control center and helicopter pad. >> we look forward to doing more of those exchanges even over the next coming days. thank you. >> observers say the tour of the destroyer is aimed at underscoring the u.s. navy's plan to step up its activities in regional waters. >>> a taiwanese defense report says china has deployed the world's first anti-ship ballistic missiles designed to travel from space. taiwan's defense ministry released its biannual national defense report on tuesday. the report says that china deployed a s
-up in the navy pier shipyard project. in december of 2009, the restoration advisory board held a vote of no-confidence in her. rather than taking these concerns seriously, the navy entirely. there has been a consistent practice of environmental racism. black, latino, samoan, and lower-income children have been impacted by the health effects. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you very much. >> i want to thank you all for having this hearing today. we released a report as part of a coalition. 30 organizations nationally signed on. we did a freedom of information act request that went back to 2006. we reviewed hundreds of females that were going back and forth between the department of public health related to environmental review of the shipyard. i brought videotapes. hundreds of people were coming down here. we were door-knocking. people were getting rashes, nosebleeds. it was literally plumes of dust coming over the community. it has been documented that throughout that time, lenar was not monitoring the dust. they did not have data. they said they forgot to put batteries in air monitors
to reinvent the wheel? >> i would say you're right. our nuclear navy lives with small reactor spare our submarines and aircraft carriers have as many as commercial. the pentagon can spend as much money as they want. >> we do not know enough about the navy programs. if they were created by the admiral, and i went to him once to s, and teeth into lightly told me to mind my own business. >> -- and in politely told me to mind my own business. >> i cannot imagine. >> we are very proud of the best nuclear navy in the world, why can't we be just as proud of the best nuclear fleet. the french have the about their program. we have the only about our military program. why is there this disconnected >> the simplest way, using france as an example, the commercial program is a government program to credit the operators, the get -- program. at the operators, areva, their own by the government. when you have is the capital, commercial, competitive market, said the government can be a major help, and we can't expect them to. we will see reactors built in not reaching we can expect them to. we will see
. they will be buried in arlington cemetery next thursday. >>> the first african-american to fly in the navy was honored tonight during a celebration at the u.s. navy memorial. the navy hosted a special film screening of jes ri leroy brown. he became an aviator in 1948. two years later, he was killed in the korean war when his plane was hit by enemy fire. he was awarded the distinguished flying cross. speaking at the event tonight was captain thomas hudner, jr., who tried to rescue brown when that plane was shot down. >>> veronica's back with more about our weather and the -- >> nasty conditions? yes. it's just going to last for one day. >> that's very helpful. >> but tell you what, just looking at the numbers, this summer really getting on par with last summer. we've had three 100-degree days. tomorrow likely to be the fourth. tomorrow we could even set a new record high temperature. not anything that we really want to be excited about. got up to 95 degrees today. the average high, 88. we just keep doing it. we keep seeing the numbers, the high temperature above the average high. there's a look at tomo
in war games in malaysia. so why is one california neighborhood being called too tough for the navy? >>> and atv for the monster of the sea. hard to miss but almost impossible to find. how you can help scientists make some history. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tonight in washington d- >>> and our top story at 6:30, the drama playing out tonight in washington, d.c. even now they are on standby to possibly vote on one plan to raise the debt limit. that vote in the house is on hold. the republican speaker is still trying to round up enough votes. jay dow is on capitol hill with more. yes or no are they going to vote tonight? >> reporter: we just don't know, dana. good evening to you. and we have no official confirmation if the delay in voting on speaker boehner's plan is the result of some kind of political play to push this vote back closer to an august 2 deadline and therefore pressure democrats or if this is because of a lack of republican support for the bill. in any case, republicans are still hoping to vote sometime this evening. >>> reporter: house speaker john boehner's rewritten debt
outraged over this old navy commercial, she has fil a multimillion dollar lawsuit. i love that my daughter's part fish. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. >>> welcome back to "newsnation." standing by his word, congressman allan west refuses to apologize after sending an e-mail to congresswoman debbie wassermann schultz which some are calling disgraceful and harassment. >>> and some say you cannot fix the crisis the same way you budget the household, and we will look at what officials say and match the words to reality. >>> and it is the worst drought in 60 years, and 11 million people are facing a hunger crisis in east africa and we will get the latest from the
've got petty officer pamela balin from the u.s. coast guard on the phone. you're helping the mexican navy. what do you know right now about the survivors and who you're looking for? all right. we're going to get her back in a second. having a technical problem getting hold of her. what we do understand is that of the 42 people on board about 21 have been rescued. 16 of them americans and 5 of them mexicans. we're still getting detail coming in but we're going to get back to the coast guard momentarily. >>> more news right now that you're going to hear about today. it is 4th of july. it is a holiday. the jury in the casey anthony murder trial has a job to do. the deliberations over her guilt or innocence are expected to begin in a few more hours. first the prosecution has some rebutting to do. the defense claims the state did not prove that casey anthony killed her daughter caylee. but they played with the jury's emotions. >> you see the strategy behind that is, is if you hate her, if you think she's a lying no good slut, then you'll start to look at this evidence in a different light. you
on the search. >> these photos from the mexican navy show survivors being rescued. this man is rescued on a stretcher, others get medical attention. it was supposed to be a 7 day trip but came to an end a day after. you can see the men crammed together, and some bowing their heads. this is a picture of the vessel that sank after being hit by storm. it happened sunday morning in mexico after a storm. there were 30 tourists on board. and 16 crew members. according to the website, it has been on the gulf of california since 1989. passengers say the boat was less than two miles from shore when it tipped over. a resident said i am relieved i am alive. monday the u.s. coast guard in san diego sent a helicopter like this one after the mexican navy asked for assistance. crews haven't found anybody in the water. kron 4 news. >>> the why of one man talked about the ordeal that her husband went through. >> you have a hard time talking about it. he gets very emotional. for him it means it was traumatic. he had a life jacket and that's what saved his life. his friends had a life jacket and some of
and the projects. help somebody else come out of it. i want my 24 years back. i wanted to be a navy officer and that was taken from me. i will fight like a navy seal. they will see more of me. >> how about you, johnnie? >> before i came home, i can not help anyone like ken if i allow myself to be tormented by bitterness. it would have been a cancer. i would not have been able to help myself or anybody else. does it mean that i do not get angry? that makes me angry. i have to go five hours down to southern illinois to see her. with the help of the reverend, i promised my dad. i cannot allow bitterness to rule my being at this time. she needs me. i want to one day be married. it would destroy all of that. i cannot do that. god controls my bitterness. tavis: i get the sense that you cry a lot. >> no, i do not. it eokes my emotions. i cannot hide all that i feel. i am able to express how i feel. with these guys, i c be honest about it. the people who have done you wrong, they tried to read your emotions and give a false perception of it. here, i felt comfortable. i am able to allow myself to sh
wanted to thank the mexican federales and mexican navy and he with a wants to thanks the family because when he washed up on shore, people from chula vista made him a meal. it was a meal of octopus. >> it's just incredible. >> and more survivors that just arrived there. >> you know the good feelings what terry just said is exactly true. in a story you'll see first here he is one of the men that survived. he survived at sea, sunburn and battered and bruised but spent five days trying to get home and today he could not be happier. >> it's pretty tough, pretty tough. >> the man who survived the capsized mexican fishing boat were meant with tears happy to see him. he arrived in gilroy at the greyhound station, battered and bruised but happy to be home. >> unbelievably. not only did we, you know, have this adventure but then half bay home, truck broke down we were driving. so we had to drop the truck off. other family members to pick up. it's like never ending. >> it has been five days since the 27 american tourists were tossed into the sea of cortez after stormy waters capsized share fishin
-- accurate picture of what is going on at the moment. what the israeli navy is saying is that they have contacted a ship and asset to divert its course from gaza or turn back. some are saying the boat is being followed by israeli navy vessels. this is a small boat carrying 10 pro palestinian supporters, a few journalists, and a few crew. it is nothing like the artillery ships that came last year. >> what will the policy be of the israelis if the boat keeps heading in the direction of dawson? >>g regionaza? -- gaza? >> it is very small and they are not planning to be violent. from israel's point of view, they are pretty relieved with what is happening over the last few weeks. this boat was part of a larger flotilla bringing hundreds of pro palestinian supporters. those boats were setting sail from greece but were prevented from doing so by greek of porgies. -- authorities. they pressured israel into easing some of its restrictions on gaza. >> and the american space shuttle atlantis have undocked from the international space station. the astronauts left givefts befe closing the hatch. it
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,032 (some duplicates have been removed)